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I'm trying to hatch a shiny torchic with perfect IVs in Attack and Speed. The shiny part comes later.

Ok... so I went to a safari and got a Ditto with 31 IVs in Attack and Speed. Then I gave it a Power Anklet. Step one, done.

Then, I took a female adamant Speed Boost Torchic, and gave it an Everstone to pass down the nature. Step two, done.

I took these two to the day-care, and bred them. I hatched one egg. Step three, done.

Next, I took that Torchic to the man in the Kiloude City PC, and showed it to him. He said-

"This Pokemon has relatively superior potential overall. That's how I judge it, anyway. Incidentally, I would say that it's greatest potential lies in its Attack stat. And, well, its Speed stat is good, too. Stats like those... They simply can't be beat! That's how I judge it."

Ok... I know that since I gave the Ditto a Power Anklet, the Torchic is 100% guaranteed to have 31 IVs in its Speed stat. But... what about its Attack stat? I know that since the dude mentioned Torchic's Attack stat, there were some Attack IVs passed down to the Torchic. But... I dunno. Can someone walk me through this? Also, can you tell me how to get a shiny Torchic w/Masuda Method that also has perfect Attack & Speed IVs? Thanks!

Note- This is my first time IV breeding.

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No no no no. You got this all wrong.

The ditto is supposed to hold the DESTINY KNOT. It passes down the ivs, yet it isn't ALWAYS guaranteed to pass all of them down. Here is what I would do if I were you.

Give ditto the destiny know and torchic the everstone. Put them in the day care. The first Pokemon in your party should be a fletchinder or talonflame with the flame body ability and fly. Flame body makes eggs hatch faster. Get a full party of eggs, and fly to the center of lumiose city where you can keep on biking in circles. Once you get a 2 or more IV female torchic with speed boost, replace your current torchic. Repeat the process until you get a male speed boost 3IV torchic, in which you would replace you're current ditto. Repeat until you get a 4IV and so on until you have your 5IV Pokemon. This may seem a bit complicated, so here is a full guide on how to do it:


Other sources: My experience, I have IV bred a full team of Pokemon for my self.

Good luck!

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTuSvjYOlfE This guide is updated with more info, I suggest watching this one instead of the previous one I listed.

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your torchic has perfect IV on attack as well as speed.

when the dude mention stats follow by "they simply cannot be beaten" those stats are perfect no matter how many he mentions. if he mentions all of them then follow with the "they cannot be beaten" phrase then congratulations you have all perfect stats pkmn.

now for your shiny torchic.. hmmm this is more difficult because the stats are random as well as the shiny appearance, so you might get the shiny but fail to get one of the stats.

if you use destiny knot on the ditto instead the power ank. you'll get the chance to transfer 5 IV from both parents but this is random, so you cant assure to get the IVs you want, try breeding couple of them with the destiny knot on ditto and everstone on Torchic and see what are your odds, if most of them come with speed and attack then you might have a good chance your shiny will too. but again is random.

for the masuda method you need two Pokemons from different countries so if your ditto is also american (assuming your torchic is) then it wont work and your shiny rate is still the same as normal.

if your ditto is say Japanese or French or whatever then disregard that.

you will be breeding lots of eggs, about 200 depending your luck. one of them will come shiny but as far as the IV's you can either leave the power anklet and just get one perfect IV shiny torchic or you can risk it put destiny knot and hope it picks attack and speed as its random selection.

side note: in my own experience destiny knot is not really that random I think it picks 1 of the perfect IV or at least if both parents have the same IV in one stat it would pick that and then 4 random ones.
I say this because everytime I breed with destiny knot and my pokemos have at least 2 perfect IVs it always gives me a child with at least 1 perfect IV. but this is just my own theory.

make a couple and see what you get.