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I hatched a bunch of Torchic's on my Emerald, and for once, l want to consider IV's.
I've never really cared for or done IV stuff before, so l got a lot of questions.

I'm using Serebii IV Calculator right now;
- For Pokemon species, should l put in Torchic or Blaziken, since l am eventually going to evolve it anyways?
- What are EP's (Effort Points)?


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You should put in Torchic because if you put in Blaziken it won't work because the stats/level you enter will be way to low for Blaziken. (I assume its a Torchic now)

Effort Points (AKA Effort Values/EVs) are special hidden values in each stat you get each time you KO a pokemon. Every 4 of these in 1 stat raises that stat by 1 by the time you reach level 100. http://pokemondb.net/ev gives a good in-depth look at them.

The IV calculator won't be accurate unless you know the amount of EVs you've invested in each stat. If you just hatched your Torchic and haven't beaten any pokemon with it will have 0 EVs.

Ohhh, l didn't know Effort Points were Effort Values...
 Also, how could l get it to be more accuarate?
When l calculate the IV's, a whole bunch of numbers show up. Which ones are the correct values and do l need to invest EV's before calculating? Thanks!
Since your Torchic is such a low level, leveling it up will help make it more specific.  This is because the range of what each stat could be increases.  You don't need to invest EVs before calculating but if you are going to battle to raise its level make sure to count your EVs.
But the thing is, l don't wanna start using them, until l find the one with the best IV's; l guess there's no real way to tell until they're higher level huh?
Well you could use Rare Candy/Daycare.
Well, no to rare candies since l collect them; but
rue... alright than, l guess l'll have to level them up a bit.
Another quick quick question, what is the earliest level  l can stop at, to check their IV's?
There won't be one set level, but say 25 or so will give you a pretty close range.
Alright, thanks again!