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I'm training a Metang, which I will evolve into Metagross. I'm going for a speedy set, but while giving it EVs I lost count around 90. Now I can't run the IV Calc, and I don't have any EV reducing berrys. Is there a way to tell without reducing the EVs or training it until the EVs hit 252?

im pretty sure your out of luck.  sorry
ughhh......So i'll just have to train until it has max speed?
Do you have other EVs you were planning to train?
If worse comes to worse, then you'll have to go into Dream World to get some EV reducing berries.
I can't enter the Dream World. No Nintendo WFC. ;-;
@ Mr. K, I was going to give it other EVs, yes, and it already has 24 in Attack.
Well according to your comment on Dant's answer you have 24 Atk EVs. I would finish training EVs in Atk and whatever stats you want, then go back and just EV train in speed until you've trained so much, it's impossible to not have 252 Speed.
I had to do something similar to a poke and It worked fairly well until I forgot the number of EVs in the other stat :P
You can trade for berries (obv. as hold items on Pokemon). You can trade with yourself if you have B2W2? There's a lady that sells EV reducing berries in that edition.

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There's someone in Opelucid City that can check your EVs (in Drayden's house, or at least that's what it is in B2W2), but just like Bianca in B2W2, she'll say something vague, e.g. "You Chandelure put great effort in speed!" or something along those lines.

If you've only been training speed, then 252 is the max a Pokemon will take in a stat anyway. If that's the case, just keep training speed until you know you've hit 252.

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I gave it 24 Attack EVs already, so I'll stop and only train it in Speed.
Wait, how do I know if it's at 252?
255 EVs is the maximum a Pokemon will take in any stat, so basically just keep going until you're sure you've reached that (say you lost count at 120 EVs - train another 132 EVs from where you are now and your Metang will have max Speed EVs for sure).

This'll only work if you've only been training in speed since you lost count though.
But that's the problem. I lost count, so IDK where I am, except past 100. Is there a person in-game who will tell me when the EVs are maxed out?
Have you trained any other stat since you lost count?

And no, the only person who will give some indication is the lady in Opelucid. She gives pretty vague answers. :I
Nope, only speed.
Wait! I got an idea..
If I give you the Nature and Personality, is there a way to tell about how high the stat will be at 252 EVs, so I know roughly when to stop training?
I think it's too hard to calculate even with Nature and Personality.

But like I said - a Pokemon will *only* take 255 EVs in any stat, so just keep training another 150 EVs, then you'll be at max Speed EVs. That's the price you pay for not keeping close track with your EV training. x-x