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I been playing Pokemon for a long time and once Black and White came out I started hearing this terms. Do you guys know what they mean and what they are used for?


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EV- Effort Values: you get them when you battle a certain pokemon for the EVs they give out.You must level up for this to take place. Like the chart that says HP (+2)
Attack (+1) etc.
IV- Individual Values: Come with the pokemon you breed/catch. The amount your pokemon has is completely random, and they determine which stat will get more EVs after level up.
STAB- Same Type Attack Bonus. Say your pokemon is a Grass type, if you have a Grass type move with that pokemon, the power becomes higher

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**EVs:** They're Effort Values. When you battle specific Pokemon, you get a certain amount of effort values depending on the Pokemon. Then, every four Effort Values give you one more point in that stat when you level up. You can use Calcium, Iron etc to boost your Effort Values, and you can only have up to 510, so choose wisely! See [here][1] for more info.

**IVs:** Individual Values. As wolf_paw5 said, they come as soon as you obtain a Pokemon. They determine your hidden power type, Spinda's spots, Wurmple's evolution, and many more things. You can have up to 31 in each stat, IVs give you one stat point for each IV. Also, your characteristics are based off which IV is the highest. See [here][2] for more info.

**STAB:** It's **S** ame **T** ype **A** ttack **B** onus. As wolf_paw5 said, if you had a Pokemon a certain type, and that Pokemon used a move that was the same type, it would get a 1.5x boost in damage. Adaptibility, an ability boosts that to 2x. See [here][3] for more info.


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So does any Pokemon give EVs or only specific ones?
Certain pokemon give out Certain Evs