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I have a female gyarados but I can’t max its stats but my male meowstic had its stats maximized, both go to poke jobs and stay there for the whole day. I just want to know why.

Are you sure about this? I don't think this should happen.
Yes, is there a bug?
It is very unlikely this is a bug. No such bug has ever been reported. You should double-check whether you can max your Gyarados's stats. There is a very good chance that you're mistaken.
Be careful not to confuse EVs with IVs. You cannot train IVs using Poke Jobs.
Pokejobs only give 96 EVs per day, so you need to go 3 full days to get max EVs in one stat. You could also give the Pokemon the appropriate power item and only go one day to get max EVs.
And that’s what I did for a month
You can only have up to 510 EVs on a pokemon. To max out a stat, you need 252. That leaves you with 258 EVs that can be used for other stats. If you used more than 258 on other stats, then it is impossible to reach 252 on Attack.

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1 full day of EV training with poke jobs doesn’t give max EVs. Your other Pokémon might have been partially pre trainer or with Pokerus.

Edit: check to see if your Pokémon has EVs in other stats preventing it from maxing EVs.

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I did that for literally a month.