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Ok, I started wondering his way back in 2007 when I played my first Pokemon game, Diamond. Me and my cousin came up with a theory that female Pokemon were stronger than males because I beat one of his best Pokemon (that was a male) with my worst that happened to be female. Of course now I wouldn't think it to be true and that they were the same, however, I heard that rumour again when BW2 came out and I was just wondering if females are naturally stronger than males, do they have higher stats?

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In fact it was vice-versa. In Generation 2 the Pokemon's IVs were determined by gender - this meant males could have all 31 IVs but females could not.

A Pokémon's gender was determined based solely on its Attack IV when
compared to a specific value native to each Pokémon species. If the
Attack IV was less than the gender code associated with the Pokémon's
species, it would be female, whereas in all other instances, the
Pokémon would be male.


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Gender of Pokemon has nothing to do with its stats. It only determines breeding, certain moves, evolution, and abilities. For breeding, gender is necesary. Evolution also sometimes depends on gender. For example, a Ralts would need to be a male in order to evolve into a Gallade. Attract is a common example of a move that is based on gender. Rivalry is an ability that increases base power of moves if both the foe and user are the same gender. These are basically the only uses of gender.

Gender can affect a lot of different things, but it doesn't determine stats.
The forum also explains why females couldn't have max IVs.

for the record, this originated back in G/S/C, when it was actually true. they needed a way to have the gender be defined by variables that were in R/B/Y, so they went with IVs, just like they did for shininess.

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Source: Gender Forum (Serebii) and Experience

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No, Female Pokémon are NOT stronger than Males!

In some species of Pokémon, the Females have different features and/or a different appearance to the Males, but they do have better stats than the Males. For example a Male and Female Pikachu have different appearances to one another (see below), but they do not have different stats.

Male Pikachu Female Pikachu
(Male: Left | Female: Right.)

In some species of Pokémon the Males and Females have different Abilities to one another, for example Meowstic; a Male Meowstic's Hidden Ability is Prankstar, while a Female Meowstic's Hidden Ability is Competitive. However they have exactly the same stats.

Just because you beat your friends best Pokémon (which so happened to be Male) with your worst Pokémon (which happened to be Female), does not certify that a Female Pokémon is stronger than a Male. A number of factors could be of influence including:

  • Your Pokémon's level was higher than your friends.
  • You had a type advantage.
  • You got a critical hit against your friend.
  • Your friends Pokémon might not be EV trained, while yours might be.
  • The IV's on your friends Pokémon could be very low.
  • It might have a Defense or Special Defense decreasing Nature (you'll deal more damage when attacking than if it didn't have a Defense or Special Defense decreasing Nature, depending on the attack used. Psychical move = Defense, Special move = Special Defense.)
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