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I have been breeding my Togetic. I know the chance of female is 12.5%, but I have bred 27 of them, and they have all been male.

P.S. I am breeding it with a Ditto of some crazy level, because it never leaves the Daycare.


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Its really all up to luck! Togepi's male rate is 87.5%. while its female rate is 12.5% Statistically, out of 100 Togepis, about 87-88 of them will be male, and 12-13 will be female. So really you just got to keep trying to hatch more to get that female one.

Hope this helped!

ya, but it's too bad. LOLZ!
and it cost me losing extrasensory! I HAVEN'T MADE IT TO BALCKTHORN YET! ugh.