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I'm currently in a dilemma as I'm hoping to apply the information I've learned from studying EVs and IVs to my future Pokemon ( playing black 2 ).

Should I concern myself with EV training my Pokemon & trying to get good IVs on my team throughout my playthrough?
( I'm bound to gain EVs I don't want on a Pokemon in my playthrough. )

( example, I would like to get good stats for my Snivy by getting a good nature and characteristic ).

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

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I don't suggest bothering with that 'till post game. During a playthrough, even pokemon with bad IVs are good enough. For what purposes would you like to EV and IV train? Multiplayer? Battle Subway?
What do you want to do with your EV trained Pokemon? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Subway, or something else?
You cannot 'train' IVs in Black 2.
Thanks for your answers and comments! I hope to exploit a glitch in which I can play the game online, so multiplayer would be correct. However battle Subway works just as well too.
@ Fizz

What I meant by that is try to get good IVs through breeding & capturing Pokemon. You did make a good point though, so thank you.

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If you really care about it that much, than go ahead. But, I suggest not to. If you start EV training, you might get bored of it, and then not use the Pokémon you are EV training because it will have it’s EVs ruined. And you don’t need to EV train for a playthrough. So, I suggest just having fun in your playthrough, beat it, and then after you beat the game, get new Pokémon to IV breed or EV train after you complete the main story.
Edit: If you want to do the Gen 5 equivalent of the Battle Frontier, then I recommend EV training and IV breeding.


Hope I helped!

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To add on, it's much more efficient to level up your Pokemon to overlevel than to EV train to beat Gyms, Elite 4, etc.
You should probably add that the guy should only ev train and iv breed if he or she wants to do whatever gen five's equivalent is of the battle frontier
Oh yeah.
Now I'm a bit bummed out, because I had been EV training my Pokemon since I started my playthrough. I'm on the second gym.

Feels like all that progress is going to go to waste. But hey, *at least* I'll enjoy the game more, right?

I just want to get Battle ready Pokemon so bad. I want to put my skills to the test. I want to build a team with Pokemon that I like, but that are also very powerful. Going through the game take *soo* long.
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Like I said in my answer, if you really care about it that much, then you can EV train. This is not the place for a response to my answer. Please comment on my answer, or on my wall.