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Im not sure if I am just unlucky or I'm doing something wrong but I'm breeding for a perfect bulbasaur with max hp, def, sp.atk, sp.def, and speed but I'm just not getting it even with the multiple guides doing it the "easy and quickest way". I have already a male bulbasaur from japan with perfect ivs in hp, def, and speed and a female one with perfect sp.atk and another female and male one with sp.atk. I just cant get it to work please help.

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you could just play Pokemon Showdown! and not bother with all of this breeding and training.
breeding training is the fun part of pokemon
oh sorry. I guess I just don't get as much screen time as most of you. I seriously never have any time for competitive training.
honestly i don't even do the competitive battleing, i just have fun with the breeding.  people find different things about the game fun.  some like collecting shinies, some just play with their favorites, i do breeding/training which is something i didn't even care about or even know about as a kid

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Make sure one is holding a Destiny Knot.

Either you are extremely unlucky or you haven't given one of the parents a destiny knot. It is much, MUCH easier in x and y although it's still possible in oras. Just go to the cyllage city hotel and talk to the first person you see on the second floor. In oras, however, you must go to sea mauville and battle the young couple Lois and Hal and they have a chance of giving you the destiny knot. You can also have a Pokemon with pickup in your party and they will have a chance of picking up a destiny knot if they are level 50 or higher. Finally, if you participate in a contest, you can obtain a destiny knot from one of your fans. Also, you can obtain an everstone as well as the steelixite in granite cave, but you will need a mach bike to do so. You can also find them on wild geodudes and gravelers. If a parent holds the everstone, the child will always have the nature of the parent holding the everstone. If you already did all of this, you are just really, really unlucky. Good luck!

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Hopefully you are using a destiny knot on one of the parents otherwise it takes a lot more luck to accomplish your goal. Even with destiny knot it'll mostly be a matter of patience. the babies produced from the parents available will have between Zero and Five(if you're lucky) perfect IVs on them because you will be passing on five IVs from both parents combined and then the 6th stat will be randomized. If you hatch an egg with more IVs that a current parent make sure you replace it with the new one and eventually you will manage to get to the point where you consistently produce 4-5 iv eggs. getting the 6th IV is pure chance because you need the game to roll the randomized stat into a perfect.

I would recommend seeing if you want any egg moves on your bulbasaur before you go too far into the breeding program and getting those onto the eggs you are producing so you don't have to breed for IVs again after getting the egg moves.

This is the method i've used in the past to make my eevolution team and a few other Pokemon and how i'm currently working on my project to get a perfect IV male for each egg group.

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