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If I breed a 6IV Ditto with a 5IV Infernape, what are my chances of getting a 6IV Chimchar if one holds the Destiny Knot?


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You will almost always get a 5iv Pokemon, unless it transfers the missing IV of infernape. And if you do transfer all perfect IVs, It is a 1/32 or about a 3.25% chance you will get a 6iv baby, because the destiny caries down 5ivs from either parent and the last iv slot is random, and you can get 0-31 ivs in one stat, so it's a 1/32 chance. (Because we count 0 and 1-31)

Hopefully this isn't too confusing..
I was actually about to ask that, but then I saw this question and your answer c: Thank you (even though it wasn't my question)
Thanks! That's good to know because I need 3 or 4 6IV babies with Houndoom, 2 Infernapes, and Greninja. Maybe Blastoise and Starmie as they are special attacking rapid spinners.