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I plan on breeding a perfect IV shiny Ralts in Gen 4 (Diamond, Pear, and Platinum) using a perfect IV Ditto in the game via save editor (primarily b/c the GTS is no longer a thing RIP)

My question is it still possible to do this and to confirm what I am understand via this link: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/guides/breeding_guide_part1

Direct quote:

"This means that, while it may appear that the baby will inherit between 1 and 6 IVs from the parents, in actuality both parents will always pass a total of 3 IVs."

...is this correct for DPP?

For those who are curious as to why I don't do this in Gen 6; the answer to that question is my personal goal of getting every possible ribbon on one of my Pokemon all the way to Gen 7.

Furthermore, if this works, I plan to do this for all Pokemon without a hidden ability preferred for PVP. Examples included: Magnemite, Gastly, and Rhyhorn. To name a few...


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I would not advise breeding for a 6 IV Pokémon in any game before Gen 6, since that’s the earliest that the Destiny Knot allows you to pass down 5 IVs. All bred Pokémon in games before then will always have only 3 IVs passed down, while the other 3 are completely random. This means that even if you’re breeding two 6 IV Pokémon, the offspring will have a 1 in 323 or 1 in 32,768 chance of having 6 perfect IVs. Throwing shininess on top of that, even with Masuda Method, puts your chances well into the millions.

And in any case, I don’t think there is any ribbon that you can get by having a 6 IV Pokémon. Maybe you’re thinking of the Effort Ribbon, which you get by maxing out a Pokémon’s EVs, which are separate from IVs and gained in battle like EXP. Of this is the case, then instead of breeding for 6 IVs, just breed for shininess using the Masuda Method, which increases the chance of breeding a shiny when the parents come from different languages. Then you can eventually transfer it to Gen 7 and hyper train it.

If you’re a masochist and for some reason still want to try to get a 6 IV anyway, since you said you have a save editor, you’ll want both the parents to have 6 IVs and be of different languages.

What I was referring to with the ribbon was using my Ralt's (eventually Gardevoir) to beat the elite four get the ribbon, then move it to gen 5 games beat the elite four get ribbon, and so on...

According to that link, there is about a 50 percent chance that each parent passes 3 ivs. If this is correct, then if I have a prefect ditto with everstone for nature and a sub par ralts (i would not use action replay to keep this a "vanilla" as possible). Eventually by poe (process of elimination) I should get a perfect IV ralts every time. All the destiny knot does from what I can tell is cuts out the need to breed more then one ralts to cover the IV's each time.

Once that is done...then make 32,000 eggs, grab warm body, and start riding that bike up and down 209/210...maybe throw a speed multiplier idk...point is this would be only done once so I can say:

"Yes that Gardevoir is real, farmed it myself."

I am ONLY using the action replay for the dittos which will then be transferred all the way up to Gen 6 and Gen 7. Cause, I am not chaining for that....looks like hell when I saw it on YouTube.
I think you’re misunderstanding what the link says. It sounds to me like you think that both parents pass down 3 IVs each, for a combined total of 6 IVs passed down. This is not the case. The combined total of IVs passed down is always 3, so the child might inherit 2 IVs from one parent and 1 IV from the other, for example. But the other 3 IVs are completely random regardless of the parents’ IVs.
I would recommend just breeding for a shiny, then transferring it to Gen 7 to hyper train it after you have all the ribbons you want on it.
ooooohhh...damn so there really is no possible way - other then save editing - to get a perfect IV shiny before gen 6...that is some BS Nintendo, you could have released a patch for all other all the old games at least. -_-

Thank you for informing me of this...saved me a lot of confusion.