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So, I was breeding Sableye for Shiny and IVs, and then I hatch a Shiny Sableye, but I didn't have my parents ready... Except...

It came out Perfect. 31/31/31/31/31/0.

I had a foreign Ditto 6IV and a 4iv Sableye with 0 speed, I was trying to get 5 IV 0 speed, and I got it on my shiny! I bred over 50 Eggs for 5iv, but didn't happen till now, so I'm wondering, do shinies have better IVs? Ik this is true for gen 2, but gen 2 only, so am I really just that lucky? Does RNGesus love me, and want to give me my shiny withing 70 eggs? (I was on a deadline for a contest on the 31st, so it was fly helpful)


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Yes, RNGsus does, in fact, love you.

From personal experience, I bred 2 Shiny Froakies, and an absolutely perfect IV Froakie in under 200 eggs, but I am still working on getting a 5 or 6 IV Shiny Skarmory and it's easily been 1000 eggs now.

I had a friend who bred two shiny froakies and TTed to get better IVs.

Also, X RNGesus loves me, B2 does not.