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Does the Pokemon have to have Flame body for it to increase the shiny chance?
And Does Garchomp and Pansear make a Pansear or Gible? I want gible.
If that doesn't, would JPN Eevee, Solosis, Samurott, Vanillite, Torchic, Gastly, Litwick, Or Skunkty?

Which would give me a Gible? ( My garchomp is JPN )

Garchomp and Pansear can't breed together...
Masuda method needs both Pokémon to be of different languages, 1 Japanese Samurott and 1 Japanese Garchomp (assuming they can breed won't get the Masuda boost.

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Okay, I'll answer all of your questions in order.

First, the ability Flame Body halves the steps you have to take to hatch an egg and has nothing to do with shininess. If you want shinies, get the shiny charm and try chaining or Masuda.

Second, Garchomp and Pansear cannot breed together since they're in different egg groups. (Good point, EnergyZebra)

And finally, the species of a breeded Pokémon is always that of the female parent, so if your Garchomp is female, you can breed it with anything in its egg group to give you a Gible. If it's male, you'll have to breed with Ditto.

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1st question: Flame Body decreases the amount of steps required for an egg to hatch, it doent increase the shiny rate.

2nd question:

Energy Zebra 14 minutes ago: Garchomp and Pansear can't breed together...

if they could have bred together, the Pokemon you would have gotten from breeding depends on the gender (the female is the one you will get).
e.g: male Eevee + female Arbok= Ekans.

3rd Question: Garchomp is in the Monster and Dragon egg groups, so you could breed a female Garchomp with any male Pokemon from one of those groups.