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Right now in my copy of Pokemon X I'm attempting to use the Masuda method to obtain a Shiny Farfetch'd. Five boxes in, I'd like to confirm that my current set-up can create a shiny!
I have a Jolly male Farfetch'd with the HA Defiant holding an everstone in Daycare with a Japanese Ditto I got from the GTS. To the best of my knowledge, whether or not a Pokemon is shiny depends on its IVs. I don't believe the everstone has any effect apart from inheriting natures, but as I continue to hatch eggs I'm worried I may have interfered with the mechanic somehow.
I appreciate the help.


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A Pokemon's shininess does not depend on its IVs. That was only the case prior to Generation III, where IVs determined shininess. After Gen III, shininess is determined by your trainer ID.

Any breeding can create a shiny; Masuda Method only increases your chances of getting a shiny, from 1/8192 to 1/1365. You still need to go through a lot of eggs to get a shiny; it's just less than it normally would be without a foreign language parent.

Holding an Everstone will pass down the nature to the offspring, and won't interfere with the added shiny chance of the Masuda Method.

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9 boxes in at this point, but at least now I know I'm not doing this pointlessly. I'm looking forward to my new Farfetch'd. Thanks!
While this answer is /wrong/, the chances actually go from 1/4046 -> 1/683 (512 if you have the shiny charm) the chances were increased in gen 6.