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In ORAS what are the chances of hatching six IV Pokemon? Also the chances of hatching a shiny and there any tricks to increase the chances of getting a six IV Pokemon? Does the Masuda Method also work for IVs?

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Because the chance of breeding a Pokemon with 1 perfect IV is 6/32(18.75%), the chance of breeding a Pokemon with six perfect IVs is 0.3125%.

Now I will explain a way to increase this chance.
There is a lovely item called the Destiny Knot, which when held by a parent when breeding, passes down 5IVs from either parent. This means that the more perfect IVs both parents have, the higher chance the offspring will have more perfect IVs.
If both parents have 6IVs, then that means the offspring will always have at least 5 perfect IVs. This leaves the last IV that wasn't passed down up to chance, so the rate is 6/32.
There is also a way to guarantee 6IVs, but isn't used much amongst breeders because it requires for a parent to give up an Everstone, which means the nature will not be the desired one most of the time, and usually only 5IVs are needed anyway.
This method used Power Items, which pass down a single stay of the parent holding it during breeding, which stat is passed down depends on the item. Give the other parent a Destiny Knot, and if both parents have 6IVs the offspring should have 6IVs.

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Thanks so much! :D I'm breeding for a six IV bagon but the dad (salamence) us only two IV but I think the ditto is six or five out four IV. Thanks tho :)
I'd just like to say that for anybody who is looking at this post for answers, the answer above is incorrect. With two 6IV parents, the chances are 1/32 of a perfect 6IV offspring not 6/32. Also, there is no way to guarantee a perfect 6IV offspring, using Power Items does not guarantee nor does it increase the chance of a 6IV offspring, it only guarantees the selected IV will be passed down, with 6IV parents the chance is still 1/32 even with the Power Item.