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What are the chances of obtaining a hidden ability through breeding?

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I'm currently trying to obtain a Vulpix with Drought, to add to the team I'm currently re-building. In the past, I have breed a character, to suddenly have one with a different ability. So I ask, what are chances that I get a Vulpix with Drought? I ask this so can try to temper my patience accordingly.
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To get a Pokémon with a hidden ability, you need the parent to have a hidden ability before you start breeding. If you use a hidden ability ditto, you will not get a drought vulpix. Female Pokemon have a 75% chance of passing the hidden ability down while males only have a 25% chance to pass the hidden ability down.

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Due to Gen VI's hidden data being nearly inaccessible, we don't really know the chance of it. But in Gen V, assuming your female parent has the Hidden Ability, it was a 60% chance of the offspring getting it. So the chances are likely the same, 60%.

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Just to add to the other answers:

If you want to pass down the hidden ability from the father, it has to be bred with a Ditto.

HA Father + non-HA Mother = non-HA babies.

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