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I was hatching random eggs that I had breed for and I got an Oshawott with 12 HP, 6 ATK, 6 DEF, 6 SP.ATK, 6 SP.DEF, 6 SPEED. It is not shiny or hidden ability and its parents is just an okay Samurott and a Ditto.


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DISCLAIMER: Math everywhere ahead, you have been warned.

Before I begin:

Just saying, but a level 1 Oshawott will almost always have 12 HP / 6 in other stats. That's because it's,

  • HP, Attack and Special Attack are always 12 / 6, even if you have like 0 IVs in all three
  • Defense, Special Defense and Speed would be 6 for an IV range of 10-31

So there's no way to say that it's perfect, unless you confirm with the IV judge.

Now to the ideal answer:

No it is impossible. 3 IVs are passed down from the parents, and I believe that neither of them has a perfect IV that can pass down. Even if your Oshawott miraculously has 3 perfect IVs, the other 3 will be the inherited bad IVs.

However, assuming that 3 perfect IVs are passed down,

Chance of getting 31 IVs in one stat = 1/32
Therefore, chance of getting 31 IVs in three stats
= 1/32 1/ 32 1/32
= 1/32768
= 0.000030517578125

= 0.003% approximately

It's still hilariously low. Take the hint, and avoid this stunt. There are far better ways to get a 6 IV without cracking your head over that chance.

Hope I helped!

I like those odds.