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Okay so I have been working on getting a set of every eevee evolution shiny and I want to do it legit but I want to know if I am going bout this the best way. I know that in order to get shiny legendarys you have to do "soft resets" and keep trying though this wont increase your odds any just give you another chance. My question is if I keep hatching eevees from gees will my chance get better with each egg hatched or are my chances the same if I did soft resets and on that note is each egg already predetermined to be a shiny or is that decided the moment it hatches. Any info on this would be of great help, I have been at it off and on for about 5 days now and have 4 boxed full of eevee alone already,I don't mind putting in the time to keep hatching them but I want to also know the best way.


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Nope the only way to increase your chances of getting a shiny are the Masuda Method, Chaining (Gen IV), and the shiny charm (Gen V). You could also hack but that's generally not recommended. I believe only the Masuda Method will help you with breeding.

And the stats and everything from the egg are determined when it's given to you by the daycare man.

Some links that may help you:
Masuda Method
Shiny Charm

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Playing in pearl the shiny charm is not open to me nor is finding a wild eevee, so do eggs fall into the chain or no?
No from what i've read chaining only works with the radar and wild pokemon. For Pearl you might be able to find someone in another country like Japan who'd be willing to trade you a ditto. That would be your best option I think, thought in pre-Gen IV it's a bit harder to conduct foreign trades, though still possible.
okay thank you, i will cut my losses and try my luck in black, i should be able to find one there
For sure, they definitely made obtaining shinies easier in Black.