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I've read lots of things about this, but I still don't really understand, can someone explain it to me really simple?


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When using the Poke Radar:

If the Pokémon that is found is knocked out or captured in a Poké Ball, a chain will begin. These chains consist of multiple members of the same Pokémon species encountered one after another. A chain breaks if the player finds a Pokémon other than the one that is being chained, if he/she runs from a battle or if they find any Pokémon outside the shaking grass (even if it is of the same species that is being chained). Therefore, it is recommended that Repel is used in order to ensure this and achieve a higher chain. Entering the patch of shaking grass that is the farthest away from the previous patch of grass (in the fourth "ring" of grass) increases the chances of meeting the same kind of Pokémon consecutively. If, in the middle of a chain, a Pokémon ceases to become available (such as a swarming Pokémon), that Pokémon will continue to be available until the chain is broken. The player can "reset" the radar in the middle of the chain without breaking it, simply by recharging the radar and avoiding the current grass patches that have Pokémon in them. When activated again, the radar will generate new patches and the old ones become normal grass patches.
The chance of finding a Shiny Pokémon patch increases the longer the chain is. This chance maxes out at chain #40, in which the chance of finding a shiny grass patch is 1/200, a substantial increase from the usual 1/8192. Furthermore, the shiny grass patch always contains the Pokémon that is being chained, so there is no risk of breaking the chain when entering one. A Shiny Pokémon can appear in a normal grass patch, however, but the chances of that happening are the same as normal.

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