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I have many pokemon of same type that is shiny due to chaining and i want to trade those with other shinies.
Is there a way to request that in gts?


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Nope, there is no option for that. You can select a level range, gender and country but that's it.

Your best bet is to negotiate trades with other people (e.g. our chat room or other forums).

thanks for the help :)
You can also go to GTS Negotiations, then set your message to something that will make them thing you want a shiny. You can change your message by going to your trainer card, tapping on your message at the bottom, then using the arrows to switch your message, and tapping on the blanks to set  words.
As Linkpower22 said, change your message on your trainer card. For shinies, a popular phrase is to ask for a "COLOR CHANGE." :)