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Hacked, you mean? There's almost no way to know before trading them, besides an impossible level (level 1 Incineroar) or an impossible PokéBall (Alola and Galar starters can only be in a normal PokéBall).
Not sure if a exact dupe, but this can be answered by this post:

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  • Impossible requests. This includes things like a gendered Ditto, male Froslass, a Level 1 - 10 Solgaleo, etc. The trade would most likely go through if you had one of these Pokemon, but you typically can't legally get them

  • Names with "YT" or a weird URL are also suspect. This applies to both the Pokemon and the Trainer: if you see something like "AdventurSnivyYT" or a URL, the trade is almost certainly corrupted.

Also note that the Gen 7 GTS is absolutely wrecked -- it freezes no matter what Pokemon you search, so if you want to look at it that way, all GTS trades are broken.

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Thanks for the heads up, I was looking for a Haunter and then the game froze so I had to reinsert my SD card and I lost probably 10-20 minutes of progress all because people are trying to promote their YT channel
They're not trying to promote their YouTube channel they are trying to trick you into trading for their corrupted Pokemon