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I go around on the gts every once in a while (i normally do GTS negotiations abbreviated gtsn And I would find these offers for ridiculous Pokemon like hack Pokemon in all basics. I do not know if this is just an accident or is it on purpose so they dont have to see that Pokemon. Is there a way to get away from these offers where the people want ridiculous Pokemon and their impossible to get (without hacking) levels???

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Nope people do it just to show off their Pokemon and all you can do is stare.

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wow and i thought a venipede for a lvl 9 victini was just to prove the persons an idiot...
Similar for say a Lv. 1 - 10 Kadabra: You'd never find one naturally in the wild, because Abra evolves at level 16. Same idea.
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If your looking for specifics in a certain Pokemon then no. But I suggest changing the little specific things. Like let's say you wanted a male Buneary at Lv.50 you would need to change that. But other than that they're showing off pokes mostly hard to catch pokes and shinies. So stay away from them.

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