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I find people want only legendries and mythicals in return for, well, rubbish. There is very little on the GTS for HA's. On the flip side, I have a lot to offer in HA's but don't know what to offer because I don't know what's 'hot'. When I do offer something good and ask for something specific, I just get generic rubbish. Where can I go to offer/request better trade details?

on  other sites and on pokemon db.net's chat room.

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ItsGuilotine is correct

But I will name the sites
1. Pokemon DB chat room
2. Pokemon Showdown DB server
3. Pokemon Showdown official server (it has a room called Wifi created specifically for this purpose)

There is another site where you can make trade requests (its kinda new so I don't know the name, help would be appreciated)

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Well, there really isn't that many things for this, but there is a trick that I know of that can work really well on gts.
Note: this is easier to do on XY:
1.Get a level 12-15 vivillon
2.put it on gts for xerneas or yveltal
3. When obtained whichever legend you chose, put that up on gt
4. Ask for a Latios or Latias
5. Repeat number 3
6. Ask for a lowely asked legend (i.e. cresselia)
7. Ask for the Pokemon you want (if you do not obtain the one you wanted it at first don't worry, Vivillon evolves quickly and easily)

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Hope this helps
Who in the right mind would trade a x/y legendary for a vivillon???
Jeremiah some ppl want to get all the vivillons >_>
And if this doidnt work than how come i have a cresselia xerneas yveltal latios and latias when i dont have any good pokemon to trade >_>
And if you dont believe me ask ppl that has done it before
OK i don't think your lying.
Also for the record I did not down vote you.