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Is it because it is genned or what? Or any other reason?

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In some way or other, you must have made it "illegal".  Either it knows a move it shouldn't, or it is in a ball that it cannot be based on region or game of origin.  Maybe you entered stats that are off just a touch?

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As said in the comments, you must have made it illegal, or it's having something wrong.
These are the things I could find that could potentially be the problem with your Mamoswine:
1. It has a ribbon, like a classical ribbon
2. The stats are off slightly or in general.
The others on the source link I had either didn't apply to Mamoswine in general, or didn't apply to your Mamoswine.
These are all the ones I could find, if there's others tell me.
Source: Comments, and this

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In particular:
It can’t be holding an item, since it’s in Home
All the moves currently on it are legal
Oblivious is a legal ability on it
Beast Ball is legal in Gen 8 (which checks out, since it has the SwSh origin Mark)
Level 100 is legal
The stats are legal if it has max IVs in every stat and an EV spread of 240 Atk / 16 SpA / 252 Spe

The only reason I could think it would be not be allowed is if it has an event ribbon or if it doesn’t actually have max IVs, and has an excess of 510 total EVs to make up for it.
Thank you!
Your welcome!