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I've been completing the pokedex with the Pokemon Home GTS because I found it to be pretty reliable. I've had my share of seeing people wanting the new regis and the steeds everywhere and impossible trades like a level 20 Volcarona, but lately I've seen a lot of Aromatisse going around. It's even no 2 on the popular GTS trades. What's up with this?


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It’s a trade evolution with an item that is not a static wild encounter.
To get an aromatisse, you need to trade a spritzee holding a satchel. You usually need a coordinated trade with someone else to do this. Lots of Pokémon like this (Electivire, Rhyperior, Etc.) are static encounters that you can just catch, but aromatisse isn’t.
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Understable, I guess this is why I also see a lot of Slurpuffs.
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