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I ask this because after looking through GTS offers in Pokemon HOME, there's a crapton of offers asking for a Mr. Rime at level 1-10.

Knowing there was an update to remove certain illegal askings recently, is level 1-10 Mr. Rime actually possible?


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Ummm... I am pretty sure it isn't. Mr. Mime evolves into Mr. Rime at level 42.
Source: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/mr-rime and

If there was a way, I am sure it would have been found, so I am pretty sure it's impossible without hacking.
Edit: It allows you to ask for the Pokémon, but it won't let you receive it. Source: I just tested it.

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Aw man I thought we were done with this issue of thing rotting in the GTS. Oh well...
Yeah.  I thought we were too.  I just saw Adventure Snivy on USUM Gts.  They really need to fix that.
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I don't think it's possible as Galarian Mr. Mime evolves at Lv. 42. There's no friendship gimmick or anything.