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Ok, so I was using the GTS, and I got an Espeon that was Level 2. Is this a hack?

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This is not a hack. It is completely possible. The original trainer maxed its happiness at Level 1 and leveled it up during the day to Level 2 and it evolved into Espeon. It is completely legit.

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Yes, it is possible to get a Lv. 2 Espeon. Because Eevee evolves by happiness during day-time, you can max out its happiness level so that it will be able to evolve, than level it once so that it will be able to evolve into Espeon properly.
In this case, somebody got a brand new egg at Lv. 1 and levelled it once so you have a Lv. 2 Espeon.

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You can actually have a lv2 espeon. you just need to max its happiness by going to contests with it. Also, give it minerals- proteins zincs carbos etc.

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