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My friend says that if you give him a Pokemon he can turn it into a shiny. I've asked him how but he says its a secret. Is there a away or is he using pokegen/action replay?
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It's impossible in game so he is using an action reply code

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There are some ways, easiest is to use an Action Replay Powersave, which makes changes to the games actual save file, and you can turn Pokemon shiny or unshiny.
A more difficult way is to use an app that finds trainer's secret IDs, and you can make eggs match the trainer's secret ID, trade the egg to that trainer, the result being the Pokemon from the egg to be shiny. The problem is wether that trainer will give the shiny back to you.
It's most likely that he is using a powersave.

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Yeah errm he's tricking you...

It's impossible to turn a normal Pokemon shiny by any means. Things like Pokegen allow you to create Pokemon, not actually edit Pokemon currently in the game.
Action Replay, I'm not sure about.

But the fact remains, if what he claims is true, he's hacking. It's definitely impossible to legitimately do - or else it would have been exploited by the millions of Pokemon fans out there.

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powersave does...
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Assuming you are playing X and Y, no, this is definitely not possible. Whether or not a Pokemon is Shiny in X and Y is determined by the Pokemon's personality values, the trainer's hidden ID number and their normal ID number, with the first two being hidden parts of the game never revealed at all and can only be accessed/changed by hacking the game. Bulbapedia explains this in more detail.

Also, he can't be using PokeGen or Action Replay since neither of them have been released for X and Y, and Pokemon Bank's censors will likely pick up Shiny hacks in you try to transfer them to X/Y that way. However, in previous games, Action Replay codes, PokeGen and some hacks could assist with making a Pokemon Shiny, but this is a really dishonest way of getting a Shiny, and is also technically illegal.

So basically, your friend is lying. That's all there is to it.

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powersave does have X/Y...