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With that I mean without, R4, Flashcart, or Acekard.
Just the legit copy bought in the store.

It pissed my balls off when I saw I added 4 HP EVs on SandAbuser Gliscor, so now it'll only be able to make three subs instead of four.

Also my balls pretty much blew up when I saw ScarfBawsyurem accidentally got 19 Speed IV because of PID Finder shenanigans and got HP Grass instead of HP Fire and the lowered Speed.

So it would be much appreciated if someone knows their stuff about this.

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Would you mean exporting the save file, and therefore taking the file that is the pokemon, load it into pokegen, and edit it?

Unfortunately, no that is not possible, you need the aforementioned cards to export your save file and edit pokemon.

This caught my eye, I thought it was maybe, possible to edit without the aforementioned cards using what like Python and some other shenanigans, any ideas?
I don't know much about it yet though.
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i did it easily you dont need to use pid finder for black and white because the game does it for you and i din't need r4

lol wat
The game randomizes it and saying that you did it is not proof that you did it.
It isn't possible.