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So lets say I know my TID, PID, and SID. Could I use Pokegen to create Pokemon that my game recognizes as my own? Or is there some other variable to how you make Pokemon on Pokegen recognized as your own?

Just get your own goddamn pokemon. Don't rely on silly devices. I hope I'm not offending you its just my opinion:(
Gligurr is so right....
Actually I only do it to test teams. And I prefer to do it on my DS and not the internet.
I like how you can test this yourself but you don't do it anyways

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if by "own Pokemon" your mean having your name in the OT then yes, you can make the Pokemon your own. simply find the tab that allows you to place your name and bang. its yours.


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But if I put in my PID and SID, it will be identical to if I got it on my game. Will may game recognize it as such?
It would be as close as a hacked Pokemon can get