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Just curious, I want to test both. :) I already checked Bulbapedia where I found it's obtainable from an event exclusive CoroCoro Charizard. Will these events repeat? If no, is there any methods to get one Charizardite X into my Y game?
(Edit: I can't trade with any of my aquaintances, because they have no device (3DS) an even game!)

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You can trade.
That sounds possible, but who the hell trades a Mega Stone (even for temporary use)?

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Get a friend with X and host a trade with them, have them put the Mega Stone on a Pokémon and simply trade it over you can move the Mega Stone on to your Charizard. You can also go to Target or Walmart and buy a 2DS for about 80.00 American dollars and just do the following with yourself. I believe this will work.

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