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Ive been trying to get Charizardite x in ultra moon for a while now, looked up many videos and defeated blue in the duos battle tree (20 consecutive duo battles) but nothing seems to work. please tell me as I would love to have it as an addition to my team.


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It is possible to get the Charizardite X in Ultra Moon.

After Red(SMUSUM) or (BlueUSUM) is defeated at the Battle Tree proper, Red will reward the player with a full set of Kanto starter Mega Stones.


Since you're playing Ultra Moon, you can beat either Red or Blue in any challenge as you did. From there, you will need to talk to Red, who is located near the entrance of the Battle Tree. When you talk to Red, he will give you all of the Mega Stones for the Kanto starters trio, and this includes the Charizardite X.

Source: Experience

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