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For exemple, i always wanted that Darkrai with spacial rend.... i always wanted a Shaymin sky form.... I know that you can only get a Darkrai with those special moves by having a certain OT or nature and i know you can only obtain Gracidea Flowers by having an event Shaymin with that Location at "Flower Paradise" with Oak's Note...

Yes by using action replay xD
what is teh code? The only way you'd know this is if you had a code :3

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Very possible. Using this program, PokeGen, you can get any pokemon with any move, ability, items, etc. I used this program to get all my Pokemon.

They have a check box named "Fateful Encounter". If you checked, it will be treated like an Event Pokemon in the game.
Shaymin turns into Sky Form when exposed to Gracidea Flowers. A woman in Lacunosa City Pokemon Center will give you them if you show her a Fateful Encounter Shaymin. I checked the box for my Shaymin and showed her, and i got the flowers.

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