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Hey guys, i play pokemon emerald on my GBA purely because i find it better than a PC, although i obviously cannot use cheats or hacks like emulated PC games easily can. Is it possible to link my GBA to my PC using some sort of link device so i can access events and whatnot? or might that only be possible with a nintendo DS? Im not sure on how to go about this.

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Well, it's a GBA game so I would have to say you would need a game shark.

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How would i acquire a game shark? I don't know a thing about GBA hacks man, i just want to get pokemon that i can only get in other games on emerald
You can try to buys a game shark on eBay, as there are probably alot for a low price, but If you want to get Pokemon from another game, you can trade Pokemon with Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen