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I'm planning to capture [email protected]
The article about [email protected] doesnt mention any special items needed to get them.
Still, like mew or Ho-Oh, I started to think and now I totally lost it...
Can you guys help?

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Why I cant catch a mukrow in Pokemon white2 in hidden grotto in pinwheel forest,i only find pokeball,great ball,damp mulch,goey mulch,butterfree and breloom

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I can. In emerald, after you beat the game your mom talks to you about the thing yuou saw on tv. If you say its red, its latias. If its blue, its latios. After that you really dont need anything but you need to find it and capture it. That's it (Tghough finding it is harder than it looks).

Source: My experience

Happy Hunting!

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Btw guys i havent answered a Q in a while so Im a little raw, so dont judge meh.
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>In Pokémon Emerald, the roaming Pokémon is chosen in a sequence
immediately after the credits where, after hearing a television
report, the player is asked the color of the Pokémon in it. If red is
selected, Latias roams Hoenn and Latios is found at the island. If
blue is selected, Latias is found at the island and Latios roams

  1. You've to defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion.
  2. After the credits find your mom and dad.
  3. Your dad will give you a ticket, and then go talk to your mom.
  4. She'll talk about a TV program, and then she'll ask you with color you like better (red is [email protected] and blue is Latios).
  5. Once you've picked red, [email protected] will be roaming throughout the region.

I hope this will help! :)

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After you beat the game you will be at your house in littleroot town and your mom will see a report on TV and you will have to anser Red or Blue If that will give you Latias or Latios then
(I recomend having the acro bike for this) go to slateport city then go north untill the cycling road and there will be a patch of grass go into the patch of grass and get on your acro bike and put up a repel and hop on it (hop with B button) the acro bike hopping will not count as steps so you wont run into random wild Pokemon only latios or latias if hopping in the grass doesnt work try it for about 2-5 minutes still not working go into the cycling road house then go back out to reset it you have to keep trying until it works but it will it took me 30 something minutes but it will work though I hope I helped :)

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