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I finally found a shiny rockruff, and I want to evolve it into lycanroc midnight, however I heard that speed reducing stats for lycanroc aren't worth training...Is there absolutely no way I can make a Sassy Lycanroc Midnight work?

EDIT: Im looking to make a proper team, and I really like Lycanroc so if I can add my shiny in that'd be amazing, if not, then I have to go breeding or catching a few normal rockruffs T^T

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For in-game teams it doesn't matter.
I agree with Sumwun. But Sassy Lycanroc-Midnight works bad in Competitive play.
I was worried about that, alright, guess I'll just be sitting with a nice blue Lycanroc in my in-game party T^T

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You can make the lycanroc work! If it doesn't have good speed, focus on some other stat like defense or attack. Make it really good in that stat, and you'll be fine in battling.

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It is possible 2 choice scarf your lycanroc, increasing your speed by 50%. That could help a lot with your lycanroc's speed. Hope I helped!

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I think with a speed of 82, a speed reducing nature should be fine. Since natures only increase or decrease stats by 1 or 2, I think you should be fine.However, if I were you, I would choose a better Pokemon for my team. I would suggest evolving.

Natures increase or decrease stats by 10%, not "one or two" as you seem to believe. This matters especially with Speed, as the nature means the Pokemon cannot outpace and potentially counter Pokemon it ordinarily could, which affects its performance and utility in competitive play. For example, Sassy means that Lycanroc would not outspeed a base 80 Pokemon with comparable Speed investment, which is an important benchmark that it would be a shame to miss out on.
Couldn't you just trade the rockruff to SwSh and use a mint on it?