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Ok, I know most people are gonna say that it's terrible since it cuts into its Special Attack, but I just caught a shiny one... is there any way to make it work?

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I would avoid making a set to specifically accomodate the nature. Realistically, a 10% decrease doesn't change the fact Gengar is statistically a fast special attacker -- it just makes it a worse one.
Even if it doesn't work, it is still cool to have.

Also, it could be a Perish Trapper, which doesn't rely on Damage output. :P
What format do you want to use this Gengar in?

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But you could spend some time with breeding to get a better natured one.

yea  just the masuda method still feels like a drag i guess i should have wrote i mainly wanted cause it was a shiny
"A drag"... You're giving it way too much credit there. It's the epitome of suffering.