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I caught 2 Lickitung, one has a careful nature while the other has naughty. Which one is best?
Ps: I am going to evolve them into Lickilicky.


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It depends on what kind of set you are going for. Licky Licky can run a fantastic support set which works wonders in conjunction with careful. Or you could run a more physically based set and run naughty for the extra hitting power.

Personally I would run careful for a special defensive support set. Naughty may be good for boosting ATK, but not ideal reducing its special defense. If you want to run a physical attacking set I would recommend breading / catching a new Lickitung with Adamant.

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To tell you the truth, I actually like a defensive pokemon. So careful is better for a bulky Lickilicky?
http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/lickilicky That top set might satisfy your needs.