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So I just got a shiny elekid but it has a careful nature, yes I know :( wanna do some singles battles so is there any way to make it work?

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The answer is really no different to the one about Gastly. Bad natures are an inherent disadvantage.
bro careful nature is haunting me
It's unlucky, but realistically you can't expect much better from random encounters. If it's a good shiny you're looking for, you will find it faster with breeding or chaining, even if both are arduous processes.
What format is this for?
Also if all your shinies are careful then you should try getting a shiny Snorlax.
Or Rhyperior. Solid Rock Assault Vest Rhyperior is nasty.

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Are you looking to use it as an Elekid? Then yes, there's an inherent disadvantage. If, however, you are planning on this eventually being an Electivire, you have no need to worry.

Man, look at what an absolute unit he's gonna be, that Attack stat is b e e f.

So, the answer to your question is, hypothetically, yes, you can make it work.

Credit to Bulbapedia for the graphic which I snipped.

I'd still argue it's a disadvantage having Careful instead of Adamant or Timid -- or Naive for that matter since Electivire often runs mixed iirc.
What? I've never heard of that, what redeeming qualities would a mixed set have?

Sure, it's less good than Adamant/Timid, but this is far from worst case scenario.
Flamethrower, Volt Switch and Focus Blast are all really good moves it has on its special side. Mixed also helps prevent it from being walled since it can readily abuse the enemy's lowest stat.
My main point is it's a disadvantage though. I know it's not Relaxed, but it's also far from ideal. You just don't really want a SDef boost on an offensive Pokemon.
Right. Not ideal, but far from worst case scenario. But if you're arguing this much, why not post an answer of your own and just flat out present your viewpoint of "No, that won't work."? Yikes, that sounds aggressive, but I don't know how else to say that.

Keep in mind that I'm also giving support on this solely because of a physical Electivire's (usual) dominant viability over other options. Like, is mixed EVire new meta or something? Did I miss this? I could never pull something like this off...
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A Careful nature (+SPDEF, -SPATT) would best suit a Specially-Defensive tank, which...Electivire could technically pull off. I'll include an Elekid set if you were wanting to do Little Cup battles. It would help to know whether its ability is Motor Drive (Elekid: Static) or Vital Spirit, but I'll manage.

Motor Drive
Careful nature

T-Punch/Wild Charge (STAB)
Power-Up Punch/Charge (Raises uninvested Attack stat)
Rest (Recovery)
Sleep Talk (Stall)

If its ability is Vital Spirit, it can't use Rest, so do this instead:

T-Punch/Wild Charge
P-U Punch
Ice Punch (or any coverage move: EQ, Brick Break, etc.)

You could also switch out Charge for another attacking move so it would be able to hold Assault Vest (to further boost SPDEF).

For Elekid, keep the same moves, but give it Eviolite.

Honestly, if you don't want to make it into a tank, I'd just use it to trade for another shiny/legendary/mythical.

Are you sure this would be better than a max physical attack/speed Electivire? Even with careful, physical attack is still Electivire's strongest stat.