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Sassy or Careful for my Umbreon?

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Title says it all, which nature should I use?

If you absolutely need it, look here for different natures.

If it helps the games I'm playing are White 2 and Y.

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Please help me.

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I would chose careful because Umbreon has a terrible special attack that should never be used. If you are planning on using special moves however, defintly use Sassy as the speed isn't essential, especially for ingame. The speed may already be low but it does allow you to outspeed certain Pokemon when playing over wifi, it also means you will be taking less hits ingame if you have the ability to hit first.

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Well after hearing its moveset...

Dark Pulse

... What do you say now?
I would say get a better moveset ;)
Psychic gives it little coverage apart from fight, but you would be foolish to stay in on a fighting type in the first place. It gets no stab therefore will be doing pitiful damage. Slightly confused why you are using a special set with Curse tbh. Curse is fine but it boosts your attack, so why not use moves like Payback which hits much harder (when moving last) coming off its stronger stat.

Umbreon however is a brilliant wall and what you currently lack is recovery. Your current set won't be taking many hits at all so I would recommend keeping careful and using the following moveset. Foul Play, Protect, Wish, Toxic. If you are interested in evs use 252 HP and 252 SDef. This is a stalling set which really does the job.
Sorry, I didn't even KNOW Umbreon had access to Foul Play! I have totally rethought now.