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I have two Level 1 female Eevee, and I want to evolve one into Umbreon.
The first one has a Brave nature, and the second one has a Jolly nature. Both of their abilities are Run Away. Which one should I evolve into an Umbreon?

If you need to know their stats, just let me know. :)

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None of those suit Umbreon very well.

While it doesn't matter in-game, a Calm nature is usually what you'd want on an Umbreon.
But of the two, Brave is probably better, since the 10% speed boost from Jolly won't really help you as much.

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Depends what you want.
Bold will make an offensive paybacker seen here
Whilst jolly will be a mixed wall as seen here-

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None of those are good. I'd recommend the Careful Nature(+SpD, -SpA) or the Impish Nature(+Def, -SpA). And have the move Foul Play to deal BIG damage. Hope I helped!

so should i try to breed another eevee?
Yes.  Breed another Eevee and get a Calm or Careful Nature.
i bred another eevee with a careful nature. should i use that one?