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Besides the nuetral natures, (Hardy, Quirky, etc) what natures are useless in Competitive Battling?

What format/rules are you playing with?

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As all Natures have a purpose on some Pokemon, I would say that no Natures are useless, except the five neutral ones.

Edit: The ones that decrease a Pokemon's defenses also seem to be quite useless.

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I find the natures that decrease Defense or Sp. Defense useless
natures like naive or hasty can be used on mixed attackers effectively
I think the +/- Defense and +/- Sp. Defense are useless as well.  I can't think of a single Pokémon that would run either of these as a first or secondary nature.  Can you think of any though?  I am curious.
Just a guess, but I figured Shedinja. Seems like it could make use of one of them, as it doesn't make any impact at all.
But there are much better natures, so it is really useless.  Why would you run a Lax Shedinja when you can run Jolly or Adamant?  Also, it doesn't affect Shedinja, so by definition, it is useless.  Albeit, it isn't detrimental, but it is far from beneficial.
Fair point.
Then I believe it is fair to say that those natures are indeed useless.