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I get that natures are important in competitive play (im building up a good team for competitive play) but I don't know what nature does what! so if anyone who knows what they do that would be G-R-8!

p.s I already know that adamant=+attack -somthin
and timid=+speed (somthin else)
and also do all natures add somthin but then lower another?


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Natures Boost a certain Stat by 10% and lowers another by 10%.

Adamant (+Attack -Sp. Atk)
Bashful (No Boost)
Bold (+Defense -Attack)
Brave (+Attack -Speed)
Calm (+Sp. Def -Attack)
Careful (+Sp. Def -Sp. Atk)
Docile (No Boost)
Gentle (+Sp. Def -Defense)
Hardy (No Boost)
Hasty (+Speed -Defense)
Impish (+Defense -Sp. Atk)
Lax (+Defense -Sp. Def)
Lonely (+Attack -Defense)
Mild (+Sp. Atk -Defense)
Modest (+Sp. Atk -Attack)
Naive (+Speed -Sp. Def)
Naughty (+Attack -Sp. Def)
Quiet (+Sp. Atk -Speed)
Quirky (No Boost)
Rash (+Sp. Atk -Sp.Def)
Relaxed (+Defense -Speed)
Sassy (+Sp. Def -Speed)
Serious (No Boost)
Timid (+Speed -Attack)

There are 5 Natures that Do not raise or lower any stat( Bashful, Docile, Hardy Quirky, and serious.

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