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Darkest Lariat
Cross Chop
Blast Burn


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I think using Flamethrower/Flare Blitz instead of Blast burn.Because incineroar is not too much capable of using Blast burn. Peoples are using outrage more in gen VII for lowering the chance of hitting itself during confusion.so you can keep outrage or give him/her leech life.Darkest lariat is a common move for incineroar.Finally,you can keep Cross chop.But Earthquake / Thunderpunch can cover its weakness to Rock/Water.

[email protected]/Incinium Z
EVs:252 HP/128 SPD/128 Sp.def
-Flamethrower/Flare blitz
-Outrage/Leech life
-Darkest lariat
-Cross chop/earthquake/thunder punch
When incineroar is here , there is nothing to fear!

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that's my incineroar's set, it works mighty fine, i'd say