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Throat Chop, it's STAB for it.
I'd say neither. It's better with knock off and superpower.

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cross chop is better

cross chop deals 100 damage and throat chop deals 80.cross chop also increases critical hit ratio(1/8 instead of 1/16)when troat chop doesn't let your opponent us sound based attacks(like hyper voice)

so I would recomend you cross chop

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Throat chop effectively has 120 base power because of STAB. It's also more accurate.
But you can just use use Darkest Lariat right? Cross Chop hits five types for super effective damage, including rock. I do see your point though. 80 accuracy is annoying.
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I'm not really sure, but probably Cross Chop because it covers weaknesses like Rock-type. But I would recommend taking both.

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