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I'm using a WP Incineroar and I can't risk it losing that boost. Flare Blitz is just suicidal, so are there any other Fire moves that are good on it?

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What format/rules are you playing with?
it only has 5 other fire physical moves lol

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Blaze Kick
Blaze Kick is a really good move, despite only having 90 accuracy. It has 85 BP, and is one of the only good physical Fire moves. It has a high critical hit ratio.

Fire Punch
If you want 100% accuracy, Fire Punch is another option. It only has 75 BP, unfortunately. It also has a 10% chance to Burn the opponent.
(Incineroar also learns Fire Fang, but it's weaker than Fire Punch and not really worth mentioning.)

Flame Charge
It only has 50 BP, but Incineroar definitely benefits from the speed boost, as it's quite slow with only 60 base speed. Flame Charge can't burn or flinch, but is 100% accurate.

Or use Fire Fang if you absolutely want to xD
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You could try Blaze Kick. While it has the potential of missing, 90% accuracy is still quite good. It's a fairly reliable move, with an added bonus of potentially inflicting burns, and an increased critical hit ratio.

Hope I helped!

This is what I said in the Chat
Blaze Kick is good