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I was recently asked about whether Flare Blitz should replace Pyro Ball (doubles VGC format). Could anyone give a really good reason why Pyro Ball is better? I've been able to only come up with the fact that Flare Blitz has a ton of recoil, meaning that it's a nuke which KOs one mon and gets KOd in return whereas if you use Pyro Ball, firstly, its miss chance is only 10% and secondly, Cinderace has mediocre bulk which could pull it to live maybe at least one hit, allowing it to go for 2 or potentially 3 attacks if you can be astute in abusing Libero.

Any other suggestions?


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Personally I just think the community prefers the more reliable accuracy and doesn't expect it to live anyway if it *does* miss

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Pyro Ball
+ No recoil
- 90% Accuracy
- 8 PP

Flare Blitz
+ 100% Accuracy
+ 24 PP
- 33% Recoil

Since the amount of PP of the move rarely ever matters, the matter of which move is better pretty much comes down to whether or not the perfect accuracy justifies the large amount of recoil that comes with it. They share the same power, so there is nothing else differentiating the two moves. Pyro Ball seems like the clear victor here because the only relevant downside, the lesser accuracy, is still a very reliable 90%. The recoil from Flare Blitz, on the other hand, is a very noticeable drawback.

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You should go with Pyro Ball.

Even though Flare Blitz has greater accuracy, it doesn't matter (10% more accuracy never matters). Flare Blitz gives 33% recoil, while Pyro Ball has no recoil. Recoil moves are never good, except when you have no other powerful move/choice. But when you are getting a move with the same power and no recoil, you should definitely go with it.

So, I repeat, go with Pyro Ball

I agree. And if you slap an X Accuracy on Cinderace, it will probably never miss.
First of all, wide lens increases accuracy. X Accuracy only increases accuracy when you use it in battle, and you can't use items during battle in competitive. Second of all, why are you necroposting?