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Basically, which pokeymans with Defiant, Competitive, Adrenaline Orb, or anything else that I can't think of benefit from Intimidate and use it to its advantage?

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Yeah, just making sure. Also, @sumwun, I understand that I might get a "better" answer there, I could have easily asked there, but I wanted to ask here. If I wanted to ask there, I would've asked there anyways, so you don't have to post that
Why would you rather ask here if you could get a better answer there? Points?
No, I would rather ask here, because in my experience, the answers are more understandable to newer players, "newer" being not constantly using abbreviations. Also, I like to have a lot of my information in one place, so I asked here. If I wanted points, I would constantly ask questions, which I don't do.
In that case, I completely agree with you
One is probably still Incinoroar. Good move set, solid defence, parting shot used with intimidate is just brutal.

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You didn't ask on Smogon, so I asked for you.

Galarian Zapdos and Milotic are currently the best Pokemon at directly benefitting from intimidate. However, Pokemon that simply use inner focus to prevent intimidate, like Entei and Mienshao, are often more effective.

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