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Darkest Lariat
Blast Burn
Cross Chop

Should I use Bulk Up on him? If so, what move should be replaced?

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My moveset for Incineroar is Leech Life, Brick Break, Flame Charge, and Darkest Lariat.

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The stronger your attacks, the faster you'll be able to win battles. Incineroar's best physical attack raising move is swords dance, not bulk up. If you want to use swords dance, then you should replace outrage because it doesn't get STAB and only covers one type. You should also replace blast burn with flare blitz to take advantage of the swords dance boost.

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Recoil damages the user. I prefer to not damage my user with recoil based moves.
@CoolMan Fire punch requires a move tutor, which might be a bit expensive.
@Fuseon Letting an opponent survive your attack and using one of its own also damages the user. You're taking damage either way, so why not pick the way that decides the battle's outcome faster?
When I last had flare blitz it took out most of my health...
My point, exactly.
In most cases recoil damage isn’t a valid reason to forfeit power, but for Incineroar it might be a bit different since it is slower and plays as a tank, and therefore values its health a lot more. For most fast sweepers, health/recoil is hardly a factor since they’re not intended to switch into or survive hits.
This is from a purely competitive standpoint though, take it as you will.