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Blaze ability
Darkest Lariat
Blast Burn
Cross Chop

What is the best nature for this moveset?

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I would replace Blast Burn with Flare Blitz, since the rest of the moveset is physical, and Incineroar has a better physical attack than special attack anyway. After that, the best Nature would be Adamant.

If you're really keen on keeping Blast Burn (although I would highly recommend against it), then you should go either Naughty or Lonely.

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I'd go for a brave or adamant. I think brave is better tbh because incineroar's speed is base 60 and it's attack is 115. Moves: Darkest Lariat, Earthquake, Flare Blitz, and finally swords dance with it's signature z move crystal. Fyi, brave is +attack -speed.

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